Two years.  Seventy races.  It had been a long time since Carl Edwards last won a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race before this weekend's Subway Fresh Fit 500.

Perhaps it didn't seem all that long at first glance, but when I thought of how long I'd been here at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and realized that I didn't have this job when Edwards last won, it began to set in.  It got me to thinking of what else has happened in our world in the 729 days since Edwards visited victory lane at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

In the sports world, we've crowned new champions.  Politically, we've gone through the full process of a Presidential election.  And, nationally, we've dealt with the tragedy of a rash of mass shootings, the results of which have created a friction point of discussion in the U.S. Government.

I could go on, but a picture says 1,000 words, right?  If so, the below photo sequence should provide approximately 1,027 words per event, if you factor in my obligatory caption.


Jimmie Johnson was still in the midst of hoarding Sprint Cup trophies.  NASCAR has since crowned two champions: Tony Stewart and Brad Keselowski.  (Photo: Getty Images)


Danica Patrick was an IndyCar driver. (Photo: NHMS/HHP)

New England Sports

The Boston Bruins hadn't yet won their sixth Stanley Cup ...

... And, Red Sox fans were still excited about the signing of Carl Crawford.


The United States was still searching for Osama Bin Laden.  He was found and executed in May 2011.  Thank you to all the troops that continue to serve our country.


We thought Sarah Palin would run for President in 2012, but we didn't think she would win.  Apparently, neither did she.  She didn't run, and she's since receded from the spotlight.


Jessica Ghawi was one of 12 people killed in a shooting at a movie theatre in Aurora, Colo.  Her brother courageously made a commitment to making sure the victims were remembered, and not the shooter.  I remember her name; I don't remember that of the criminal.  May we continue to support the family and friends of those affected in shootings, such as this one and Newtown, Conn., and may we never forget the victims.

Circling back to NASCAR: Michael Waltrip helped remember some of those victims during the
2013 Daytona 500 with a custom Sandy Hook School Support Fund paint job.  (Photo: Getty Images) 

That's a look at some of the events we've witnessed, both happy and sad, in the two-year span since Carl Edwards last won a Sprint Cup Series race.  Obviously, I didn't include everything, so feel free to share in the comments some of the biggest moments of the last two years that you strongly remember.