Think about it: you could "fed-ex" a package through UPS, but you would never "UPS" a package through FedEx, would you!?

As a dominant company, FedEx has struggled from time-to-time to maintain its copyright because their name has become so synonymous with shipping that it has turned into a verb.  In the eyes of United States Patent and Trademark Office, a company can lose its copyright if the brand becomes more than a name.

Shout, among others, fights the same struggle to maintain its brand.  Like "FedExing" a package has become a common reference for overnighting a package (no matter the company), people Shout out stains on their clothing no matter the cleanser.

And, there's a reason for this: FedEx (and Shout) are the leading brand among their competition.

Funny story...

This past fall (before I worked for NHMS), there was an issue at my former job with the direct deposit of my check.  Being the end of the month, I had rent and car insurance due and couldn't wait for the check to be sent via snail mail.  So, the company sent it overnight...via UPS.

That weekend, I happened to be visiting the University of Southern California for Homecoming, so I had the UPS package sent to my old fraternity house, where I was staying.  It never arrived.

According to UPS records, the package wasn't delivered because an apartment number wasn't specified.  It was a fraternity house with a central mail system, there was no apartment and had the driver taken 30-seconds to get out of the truck I would have received the package as expected.

Strike 1.

After explaining this to UPS Customer Service, I had the package re-routed back to my house in northern California, since I would be gone by the time it was set to be re-delivered.  By tracking the package online, I saw that it was delivered on Tuesday as expected, only it was delivered to a Zappos shoe Louisville, Kentucky!

It you read my post yesterday on the compatibility of racing, you'll know that I've never even been to Kentucky.

Strike 2.

The following day, as expected, my checking account over drafted (fortunately, payroll reimbursed me for the penalty).  The check finally ended up at my permanent address in New Hampshire about three weeks later (by that time, I'd had it re-issued and deposited).

Strike 3.

In talking with our third-party payroll company to get the check re-issued, I posed an obvious question: "how about this time we try FedEx?"

Needless to say, I'm one of the people who will be excited to see the FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks this Sunday in Dover, DE.

(I probably look like a schmuck for discussing FedEx instead of the struggles of autism and the importance of using this race to create awareness.  So, let this serve as a token of my full support for the race's name to help the general public learn about the condition and its affects.)

Here's a look at who you can expect to deliver in a timely fashion this coming weekend on your fantasy team.

*In case you're new to this segment, check out my first fantasy post on how the system works.



#14 Tony Stewart - Stewart is listed first because I go by numerical order; the below two options are better choices.  However, he's definitely worth considering.  He has two wins and 15 top-10s in 24 starts in Dover.

#48 Jimmie Johnson - There aren't that many tracks that Johnson doesn't tear up, but this one in particular stands out as one of his more dominant tracks.  He's won one-third (six of 18) starts here and, over the last six years, he has the best driver rating among all drivers.

#99 Carl Edwards - Not only has Edwards been the best driver this season, but an average finish of 7.7 here and nine top-10s in 13 starts has him clamoring for the start this week.


#22 Kurt Busch - Busch has five DNFs to just seven top-10s here and average finish of an unimpressive 18.9.  Couple that with the fact that he clearly hasn't been happy with his car lately and there's not much reason to roll him out this week.



#4 Kasey Kahne - Kahne is hot right now with two consecutive top-fives.  He hasn't raced particularly well at Dover in the past (a 22.9 average finish is well down from an 18.3 career), but I'm not positive he's going to remain this hot the rest of the season.  It's best to consider getting him out there before he cools off.

#5 Mark Martin - Martin has four wins and an average finish of 12.5 here.  Considering the shallow pool of the B-list this week, he's a reliable option that won't waste an allocation for a top B-lister.

#39 Ryan Newman - You're probably quickly using up your allocations on Newman, but, as I mentioned last week, there's enough depth in the B-group that you need to start him when he races his best tracks.  He's won here three times with 11 top-10s in 18 starts, and he has four poles to boot.

#43 A.J. Allmendinger - Like Kahne, Allmendinger might be a reach, but he's quietly sitting in 11th in the Cup standings right now and when you consider who I suggest parking, he's one of the best remaining options.


#33 Clint Bowyer - Don't force yourself to start Bowyer.  You'll get him out there nine times this season!  He has just three top-10s in ten starts at Dover and has never recorded a top-five.

#88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. - He does have a win here, but he also only has seven top-10s in 22 starts.  If you're starting him this week, don't ask for my blessing.



#27 Paul Menard - This would be a good time to use an allocation on the C-group's top driver.  He finishes an average of almost four spots better than his career average (20.4 compared to 24.1) and clearly looks to be the best option this week.

#47 Bobby Labonte - This isn't a campaign for Labonte week, but he finishes slightly better here than elsewhere on average, so he's not a bad choice if you're taxing Menard too quickly.


#78 Regan Smith - Wow that sounds like a slap in the face to last week's winner, but it's not intended.  Admittedly, Smith is having the best season of his young career, but I place him here knowing a lot of people will try to jump on his bandwagon.  Well, plenty of people jumped on Trevor Bayne's bandwagon when he won in Daytona, none profited.  You'll get a lot of starts out of Smith as the season wears on.  When you do, start him for the right reasons, not just because you see the bandwagon pulling away without you.

My preliminary roster

A - EDWARDS (7), Johnson (6)

B - MARTIN (6), NEWMAN (4), Allmendinger (9), Kahne (7)

C - MENARD (7), Labonte (7)

*Number in parenthesis are allocations remaining.