Executive Chairman of the Board of SMI O. Bruton Smith
President & Chief Executive Officer of SMI Marcus Smith
Executive Vice President & General Manager of NHMS David McGrath
Executive Assistant Debra Shepard
Director of Communications Kristen Lestock
Communications Manager Gavin Faretra
Digital Media Manager Jonathan Stallsmith
Corporate Sales
Vice President of Corporate Sales Steve Markos
Director of Corporate Relations Lisa McGahan
Manager of Partnership Activation Kendra Frye
Director of Business Development Steve Kirkpatrick
Senior Business Development Executive Whitney Cloutier
Granite State Legends Cars Dealership
Assistant Sales Manager Ryan Ux
Gift Shop
On-Site Store Manager Chelsea Brofman
Senior Sales Specialist Bob Charron
Guest Services
Director of Ticket Sales and Operations Kristyn Galante
Ticket Operations Manager
Steve Torrisi
Ticket Operations Specialist
Joe Tedeschi
Camping Coordinator
Robbin Landry
Ticket Sales Account Executives
Joe Desroches
Elizabeth Pion-Burlison
Matt Senay
Heather Stevens
Robin Storm
Roberta Wiggin
Human Resources
Assistant Controller/Human Resources Wendy Leach
Accounts Payable Linda Trefethen
Marketing and Events
Vice President of Marketing and Events Bill Quigley
Marketing Manager Danielle Cyr
Events Specialist Laura McQuiston
Graphics Specialist Matt Rolfe
Social Engagement/Marketing Coordinator Vincent Orest
Mascot Milo the Moose
Director of Operations Tom Blanchette
Assistant Operations Manager Alex Guilbeault
Operations Coordinator Debi Mulkhey
LRRS Series Director Anne-Marie Zube
Director of Maintenance Erik Rollins
Maintenance Staff
Dan Conners
Sean Efthimou
Trevor Gilbert
Andy Little
Bobby Little
Kurt Scovil
Andrew Smith
Andrew Stockwell
Paul Tobin
Frank Violette
Housekeeping Supervisor Brandon Loving
Housekeeping Staff
Tim Akerberg
Jessy Fournier
Brandi Genest
Deanna Lockwood
Security Director Ray Burke
Assistant Security Director Steve Ford
Speedway Children's Charity
Executive Director Cheryl LaPrade
Assistant Director Hillarie Scott
Administrative Assistant Jennifer Ruffing
Director of Traffic & Parking Gil Rogers
Parking Manager Gerry Boudreau
Assistant Parking Manager Deb Carder
Highway Crew Manager Bill Snow
Assistant Highway Crew Manager Tony Carder
Volunteer Services
Events Hiring Manager/Fundraising Coordinator Debbie O'Neil
Grandstand Cleaning/Fundraising Coordinator Andrew Grenier
Levy Restaurants
Director of Restaurant Services Charlie Tgibedes
Office Administrator Diane Sargent