Ground Breaking New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Construction Administration Building
Checkered Flag Restaurant
Concession Stands
Driver Registration
Infield Care Center
Jack Ratta Media Center
Main Grandstand
Main Grandstand Suites
North Garage Building
Press Registration
Security Center
Technical Inspection
Construction 1.058-mile Oval Superspeedway
1.6-mile Road Course
Concord Grandstand
Laconia Grandstand
Press Box
Race Control
Construction North Parking Lot
Infield Timing & Scoring Center
Construction Concord Grandstand Elevator
Goodyear Tire Building
Expansion Concord Grandstand
Concord Grandstand Suites
Construction Center Garage Building
Infield Scoring Pylon
Laconia Grandstand Suites
Laconia Grandstand Elevator
Maintenance & Warehouse Building
Speedway Heliport
Expansion Concord Grandstand
Corporate Hospitality Area
Jack Ratta Media Center
Laconia Grandstand
South Parking Lot
Construction Motor Racing Network (MRN) Broadcast Booth
North Ticket Booth
South Ticket Booth
Construction Lincoln Electric/Merriam-Graves Welding Shop
Construction Gil Rogers Highway (South Section)
Expansion Administration Office
Laconia Grandstand
Starting Line Souvenir Store
Expansion Concord Grandstand
Laconia Grandstand
Reserved RV Lot
Opening Starting Line Souvenir Store
Refurbishing 1.058-mile Oval Sealed
Reconfiguration Road Course Turns
Construction Gil Rogers Highway (North Section)
Construction Second Concord Grandstand Elevator
Expansion Concord Grandstand
Concord Grandstand Suites
Refurbishing 1.058-mile Oval Laser Ground & Sealed
Reconfiguration Turns 1, 2, 3, & 4 on 1.058-mile Oval
Construction SAFER (Steel & Foam Energy Reduction) Barrier
Repaving Turns 1, 2, 3, & 4 on 1.058-mile Oval
Expansion Infield Care Center
Construction Northside Heliport
Remodeling Jack Ratta Media Center
Race Control and TV Broadcast Booths
Remodeling Administration Building
Construction NHMS Directional & Entrance Signage
Traffic Control Building
Main Office Annex
Remodeling & Relocation Press Box

Expanded Useable Infield Area
-Enlarged Driver/Owner Motorcoach Lot
-Created South Paddock Area
Victory Lane
Wheel Fence from Turn 3 to Turn 2
Family Camping Areas

Relocation Wetlands with NH DES, EPA, and Army Corps of Engineers
Construction Frank Webb's Bath Center
0.25-mile U.S. Legend Car Track
Granite Stripe Start/Finish Line
Construction Panasonic Scoreboard
420,000 Gallon Water Tank
Remodeling Suites in Main and Concord Grandstands

S1 Utility Building
-U.S. Legend Cars Dealership
-Safety Services Garage
-Car Wash Bay
15' Retaining Wall to Expand Display Lot
Vestibule at Entrance of Main Office


Sprint Cup Garage to Center Garage
Leveling and Resizing of "Cold" Pit Road
Tunnel Entrance with Development of Sidewalk

Remodeling Suites in Laconia Grandstand
Speedway Construction Facts
More than 1.5 million cubic yards of dirt were moved during construction
30,000 cubic yards of ledge was blasted during construction of Turn 3 on the 1.058 mile oval
Over 100,000 tons of asphalt was used in paving the tracks, roads, and walkways
The track surface coat of asphalt is 5 inches thick on a 10 inch base of gravel
The back straight is 6 feet higher than the front straight
The oval's turns are a constant 375 foot radius in length measured on the inside
There is a 200 foot transition from straights to turns
The tunnels are 3 feet beneath Turn 2
Each tunnel is 20 feet in diameter and 130 feet in length
More than 20,000 bolts are used in the tunnel lining
100,000 lbs. (4 miles) of steel safety cable reinforce the oval fencing
The Speedway perimeter road is 5 lanes wide and 2.7-miles long
There are over 20 miles of buried conduit carrying electrical and phone lines
There are over 7 miles of water pipe
There are over 300 phone lines serving the Speedway