Kristen Lestock is the Director of Communications at NHMS.

She gets this month's Employee Spotlight and answered several questions about her professional and personal life.

Describe your responsibilities at NHMS, especially with race weekend coming up:

"My responsibilities include overseeing all the communications efforts at the speedway, which includes the website, social media, souvenir programs, fan guides and all media relations. On race weekends, I manage the media center and press box and work to gain as much publicity for the race track as possible. This is done with press conferences, press releases and creating storylines. I act as a liaison between the media and drivers for interviews on a national, regional and local level to build excitement for the race."

When did you start, and what got you interested?

"This is my tenth season here at the speedway. I started part-time in the summers while I was working on my undergraduate degree from Southern New Hampshire University. Once I finished my Masters of Business Administration, I started full-time in a newly created position with the speedway.

My interest came after watching some races on TV and then coming up to New Hampshire Motor Speedway for a qualifying session. I was amazed by what I could imagine was a huge undertaking behind the scenes to put on a nationally-televised NASCAR race with more than 100,000 fans in the grandstands.

Until I worked my first race, I didn't really understand what to expect. The sights, the sounds, the excitement! To this day, when I drive through the infield tunnel on race day and look into the grandstands full of people, I still get goose bumps."

What do you like about NHMS?

"The people. Throughout my career I have worked with many different industry professionals, media members and fans. Everyone has their own story and works together for a common goal: entertaining the fans.

I also enjoy the pace of our industry. We are always on the go and working on something that is new and exciting. Being involved in so many great projects and entertaining 100,000 fans is what puts a smile on my face."

What are some of your hobbies?

"I love traveling, especially internationally to Italy, spending time with my family and shopping."

Outside of work, what's your family dynamic like?

"My family is very close. We speak every day and get together a few times a week. Wednesday's is always PSD (or Prince Spaghetti Day) with a full Italian spread including homemade pasta, gravy, meatballs and salad. We also do Sunday dinner with my husband, Jeremy, my parents and my grandfather. When my brother, Len, is not traveling (he is on an extended stay in Bali) he joins us. Even with him out of the country, we don't miss a beat and talk or text a couple times per week. Family support is very important to me and I wouldn't trade it for anything!"