I'm with you. Three days ago, if you'd told me that we'd be having an ACT Late Model Tour race today at Lee USA Speedway, I'd have told you to enjoy the soggy feet.

But, call me seldom-right and wrong-again, my friend.
We're going through the drivers meeting right now at Lee USA Speedway, and final practice is less than an hour away. Qualifying begins at 1 and then off we go... The NH Governor's Cup 150 hits center stage this afternoon.

As I write this, they are literally using an industrial strength blow-dryer to get rid of a lake in the infield at the speedway. I wonder though -- by doing that, what's going to happen to all the smallmouth bass in there?

Teams practiced for several hours on Saturday, and almost all of them reported the same thing this morning: "Yeah, we're pretty good."

JOEY POLEWARCZYK JR. has the nice advantage of living half an hour away, and he took his car home last night for some final adjustments.

"If it was a race somewhere else, we probably would have been OK with it," Polewarczyk said. "But we figured we were here, so what the heck?"

BRENT DRAGON MIGHT have had the worst night of anybody in the ACT garage. A fire alarm went off at his hotel in the middle of the night last night. Bad enough on its own, to be sure, but compounded by the fact that it was raining sideways last night.

EARLY REPORT: There are 55 cars entered here this weekend, according to ACT president Tom Curley during the rookie meeting this morning.

WHO'S GONNA WIN? Leave a comment and give me your thoughts.

– TB