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Nov. 2012 Fan Photos

November 29, 2012
Check out the submissions we got for the Oct. 2012 Fan Photo Gallery! To get your photo in a future gallery, please email it with a caption to
  • Submitted by Stacy Choiniere. "Let's go racing!"
  • Submitted by Holly Croteau. Miller Lite girls (Holly Croteau and Stevie Hayes) with Miss Coors Light and Miss Z-Max.
  • Submitted by Geno Leighton in the pits.
  • Submitted by Geno Leighton with Joyce.
  • Submitted by Robin Hines.
  • Submitted by Robin Hines.
  • Submitted by John. A fan with NASCAR president Mike Helton.
  • Submitted by John. Fans watch the SYLVANIA 300.
  • Submitted by Brian Manning. Chillin' at the camp site!
  • Submitted by Jon Marland. Victory Lane with Denny Hamlin and Lincoln Electric Crew.
  • Submitted by Jon Marland. Darian Grubb gets to meet Jon Marland in Victory Lane at NHMS in September ... Not sure who the lucky one was.
  • Submitted by Taylor Martin Racing. Taylor meets the Girl Scouts before the race.
  • Submitted by Taylor Martin Racing. Taylor and Milo during the opening of the legends car dealership.
  • Submitted by Taylor Martin Racing. Taylor signs autographs for the Girl Scouts.
  • Submitted anonymously. Tons of bike parking at NHMS!
  • Submitted anonymously. A great time is always had at NHMS.
  • Submitted by Malcolm Ogden. Race day with Milo.
  • Submitted by Billy Read. Dale Jr. fan, Billy, gets ready for the 2012 SYLVANIA 300 by posing with Jr's car at a local Wal-Mart.
  • Submitted by Harold Rock with his best friend, his dad, at Loudon in 2012.
  • Submitted by Nathaniel Snow. Keith Brennan (Salem, MA) supporting Dale Jr. (and still supporting Budweiser too...) at the summer race this year.
  • Submitted by Paul Strickland. Benji Strickland showing off his gloves that were given to him by one of the NAPA #56 crew members.
  • Submitted by Paul Strickland. A few iRacing members; James Gutta, Chris Swett, Paul Strickland Jr, Steve Luvender.
  • Submitted by David Ward.
  • Submitted by Madeline Slubowski.