Modifying the Hall of Fame

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Richie Evans was the greatest NASCAR driver never to get behind the wheel for a Cup Series car.  Plain and simple.

On Friday, he becomes the first of 15 inductees into NASCAR's Hall of Fame that doesn't have a direct connection to NASCAR's top level.  And, while he might never have competed in that series, it'd be unfair to assume that Evans wasn't on that level.  That would be a falsehood.

The Rome, N.Y., native won nearly 500 modified races in his life and would drive around Cup level drivers that thought it cute to get behind the wheel of a modified.


Romney? Huntsman? Newt? Ron Paul? Santorum? Good with Obama?

Don't answer those questions. The beauty of the sports world is that I can generally stay removed from the political debates that no one ever wins.  In politics, the "winner" is usually the person that simply continues talking for longer than everyone else in the room.  It's kind of like if NASCAR just had an endurance race and the last car running won.

I don't care who you vote for.  But, I do care that you vote.